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Are you open because of the Coronavirus? YES, we are open and have smaller sized classes and follow CDC Guidelines. All of our classes have sterilized manikins, each student practices on their own manikin and the aed trainers and first aid supplies are all disinfected daily. All CPR Florida classes are in person.

  1. Can I just sign up one person?
    Yes, of course. Sign up online here (or call us, but we strongly suggest only signing up online to reserve your spot).
  2. Do you teach PET CPR and First Aid?
  3. What types of certification cards do you distribute?
    We are authorized providers of American Heart Association, Red Cross and ASHI certifications.
  4. Do I have to pay online?
    NO, but you must enter all your information so we can hold your seat. So basically, you can pay at class or pay online, your choice. To save time, you can pay online ahead of time by credit card here or pay by cash or check when you arrive at class.
  5. How do I know which class to take?
    Go to - Which class do I need link? At that link it lists our most popular classes (Layperson CPR and AED vs. Healthcare Provider BLS.
  6. How do I get a book or can I review online?
    Buy your own. We also have free review sheets here - online cpr, bls and first aid free review sheets. You are encouraged to review for all classes ahead of time.
  7. How long are your classes?
    Each class depends on the number of instructors and number of students, plus the class size. Each student has their own manikin, face shield, first aid supplies and use of a real aed trainer. This makes the class run smoothly and efficiently.
  8. When do I get my certification card
    We are not a tiny company like most others. Since 2001, we give your certification card the very same day!
  9. AEDS - How do I buy aed, pads or batteries?
    Our main aed store is here: and our site for pads, batteries and electrodes with pictures and descriptions is here:
"CPR Florida" has taught over 170,000 students and is ranked as a top CPR Training Site for 6 years in a row. We also teach Pet cpr. We are licensed, insured and are an authorized provider of American Heart Association, Red Cross and ASHI courses:"

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