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Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 adult electrode pads

Product ID: XELAED001A

Powerheart g5 adult aed electrode pads = $75

Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 - Adult Defibrillation Electrode Pads

Part Number: XELAED001A

These Cardiac Science adult AED pads are for use with the Powerheart G5 AED. Powerheart AED pads must be replaced after use or once every 2 years regardless of use. An expiration date is marked on the front of the pads package.

Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 Adult Pads Details:
Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 Adult AED Replacement Pads XELAED001A
Please be aware that there are two different types of adult AED pads available for the Powerheart G5 AED. These adult pads are without the CPR assistance device.  
Intellisense™ Adult Defibrillation Electrode Pads for the Cardiac Science Powerheart® G5 AEDs. The pads are stored pre-connected to the G5 AED to expedite the rescue process, and to allow for the AED self-test to communicate pad presence and functionality. The pads are non-polarized which allows for placement in either location on the chest. Rescue Ready® technology sends patient type, energy, CPR protocol, expiration date directly to the G5 for storage, which can be downloaded when needed.
The electrode pads have a 2-year shelf life. We suggest keeping an extra set handy in case of a second emergency.