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Learn dog, cat, puppy and animal cpr, choking and first aid skills for you pet.

Learn PET CPR and First Aid Skills!  Feel comfortable being a new parent, mom, dad, foster parent, aunt, uncle, babysitter or animal lover or "pet parent". Learn how to do cpr and choking and heimlich maneuver at our office or in the comfort of your own home on humans and pets. We are accredited, licensed and insured and have been teaching American Heart Association (AHA), ASHI and Red Cross certifications for over 17 years.

What will you learn in class? Emergency skills such as what to do if your pet has a seizure, suffers an electric shock, is injured in a car accident or ingests poison. You will also be trained to administer CPR if your pet stops breathing (yes, you can give a dog or cat mouth to nose and yes, we practiced on dog and cat dummies). You will also learn Dog, cat and puppy cpr and choking, Cuts and bleeding - Simple Medication Administration - Fractures and Sprains - Animal Bites or Insect Stings - Cuts, Burns or Severe Cold injuries and more.


If your dog has a pulse but is not breathing, you can perform artificial respiration.  In humans, it is mouth to mouth.  In dogs and cats and puppies, it is mouth to snout.  If your dog or cat does not have a pulse, you will need to do CPR, or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, which is a combination of artificial respiration and chest compressions.  How far you go down for compressions or squeezes depends on the size of your cat, puppy or dog.

Dates of classes: To set up a pet cpr and first aid class for your animal, email us at or see a few dates listed here and you can also visit our main pet sites at and

We are licensed and insured and have offices in Miami, West Palm Beach, Pompano Beach, Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale. If you do not see a date or class you need, make sure you email or call us. If you prefer, we will come to your own home or office in Florida.

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CPR Florida has taught over 183,000 students and is ranked as a top CPR Training Site for 19 years in a row. Our students love learning both human and pet cpr and first aid skills to save their dog, puppy, cat and canine. We are licensed, insured and are an authorized provider of American Heart Association, Red Cross and ASHI Human and PET courses.

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